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Photo by Russell Johnson
For more than forty years, glass has been my way of life.
Great Horned Owl, 2004
Photo by Russell Johnson

Working with glass for the first time in the 1980s at Ohio University ignited my passion, and that passion has brought me all over the world. I worked with the glass masters in Murano, Italy, before starting my 35-year relationship with the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle. I have had featured residencies and taught workshops in 15 countries (and counting!).


Every time I work with glass, I fall in love all over again. Even the simplest pieces can be complex and fascinating. All my work is a labor of love, and several days of torch work and furnace work go into any one piece. Color is central to my art and one of my favorite aspects of glass. I have devoted years to studying glass color, texture, and reflection.

I’m guided by nature, I love all animals, and I live with passion.


Vulturine Guinea Fowl, 2015
Photo by Russell Johnson

I am a lifelong learner and a student of nature, always evolving in my art and understanding of our natural world. I consider it an honor and great responsibility to reflect the natural world in my art. Immersing myself in nature reconnects me to the great spirit present in all living things, and I feel deeply connected to other beings.


Every few years, my inspiration from flora and fauna takes me in a new direction. Some of my favorite work includes a lighthearted, humorous series of dogs, a set of owls that held special spiritual meaning, and hooded falcons featuring intricate texture and pattern work.

My husband, Jasen Johnsen, is a renowned toolmaker. Together, we travel the world sharing our passion for glass and love coming home to our many animals in the tiny town of Bow in western Washington state.

Glass is my life’s passion and soul’s purpose. It is a dream to do this work for a living.
Hooded Falcon, 2005
Photo by Russell Johnson

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